Go Die: Government Helpline told Covid patient ‘go die’ on dialing helpline in Lucknow

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ealthcare services in Lucknow are under tremendous pressure owing to the sharp surge in new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. The UP government has launched a coronavirus command centre to facilitate better treatment of patients and timely delivery of medicines.

In what can only be described as a shocking case of apathy, a recorded conversation between a Covid-19 patient in Lucknow and a member of the coronavirus command centre has raised serious doubts about the mechanism put in place to assist patients and their families.

Along with his wife, Santosh Kumar Singh got himself tested for Covid-19 on April 10. The couple decided to self-isolate after experiencing symptoms of the disease.

On April 12, the reports of both Santosh Kumar Singh and his wife came back positive for the coronavirus.

Phone call that lasted 54 seconds

Familiar with the UP government’s claim that a single call to the Covid-19 command centre can assist a patient, Santosh Kumar Singh called the helpline.

He received a callback at 8.14 am on April 15.

In the phone call that lasted for 54 seconds, a representative of the UP government’s Covid-19 command centre asks Santosh Kumar Singh whether he has downloaded the home isolation app. When Singh told her that he had not been informed about any such app, the representative told him to “go die”.


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