Coronavirus: 1.7Lakh Fresh Cases In India, 904 deaths

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India reported 1,69,899 fresh cases of COVID-19 as of 11.30 p.m. IST on April 11, marking the biggest single-day spike since the beginning of the pandemic last year. As many as 904 deaths were also recorded on the day. This is the second straight day the country reported more than 1.5 lakh new cases. 

The figures do not include cases and deaths from Ladakh. The data are sourced from, an independent aggregator of daily COVID-19 figures.

Maharashtra reported 63,294 infections, accounting for nearly 37% of the new cases, followed by Uttar Pradesh (15,276) and Delhi (10,774).

Maharashtra also recorded 349 casualties, followed by Chhattisgarh (122), Uttar Pradesh (67) and Punjab (59).

The country has so far reported a total of 1,35,25,364 cases cases and 1,70,209 deaths. As many as 75,288 recoveries were recorded on April 11, taking the total to 1,21,53,621.

The number of daily samples tested on April 10 rose to 14,12,047, taking the cumulative samples tested to 25,66,26,850.

Maharashtra (14% of new tests), Uttar Pradesh (13%) and Gujarat (9%) led the list in terms of the absolute number of new tests conducted on April 10. However, in terms of tests conducted relative to the population size, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand were the front-runners.

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