Became billionaires by Beauty-boosting shots


Fiona Cai is an internet host from Nanchang, China, who livestreams the nation’s pop songs to several thousand social-media followers. She’s 28 but spends about 1,000 yuan ($155) each month for a skin booster injection.

“It can help minimize pores and whiten my skin, and I feel my makeup works better,” she said in an interview. She first tried the treatment a year ago. “But my body will process it in a few weeks, so I have to keep it up every month.”

The industry is big business in China’s fast-growing beauty market — 13.7 million people use the treatments, and this could just be the start. It’s forecast to reach 25.5 million by 2023, boosting the market to 311.5 billion yuan, according to a report by iResearch. Globally, the business generated $86.2 billion in revenue last year and is expected to increase at an annual pace of almost 10% through 2028, Grand View Research estimates.

Two of the biggest beneficiaries are Chinese women.

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