Corona Effect: Pandemic lends modern twist to French vintage fashion sales


Paris may be the world’s fashion capital, but a third COVID-19 lockdown is once again sending lovers of luxury who have time to spare and money to spend on to their screens in search of the next vintage Chanel dress or Hermes handbag.

Vintage was already enjoying a revival, Vivien said, driven by a growing discomfort with “fast fashion” among consumers and increasing environmental awareness. But the pandemic shifted more of it online.

“Fashion and online vintage clothing sales more than quadrupled at an online auction in France in 2020 compared with pre-pandemic levels to 6.2 million euros, according to the online auction house aggregator Interencheres.

Antoine Saulnier, an auctioneer at Gros & Delettrez, said vintage fashion sales that before the pandemic might have attracted 100 online buyers were now drawing five or ten times that number.

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