Gurdwara’s oxygen langar in Lucknow gets donations from Hindus, Muslims

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Hindustan Times, Lucknow: The Alambagh gurdwarar charity had received massive support from both Hindu and Muslim communities, making it a truly humanitarian effort transcending the boundaries of religion.

Gurdwara oxygen ‘langars’ will begin next week in Ayodhya, Unnao and Sitapur districts to help out needy Covid-19 patients amid the second wave of the disease, which has cramped the healthcare infrastructure in the state.

The Alambagh Gurdwara said it received several oxygen cylinders as ‘zakat’ from Muslims during Eid, while Hindus too have donated oxygen cylinders apart from ration kits and hearse vans. Zakat is a form of obligatory charity, which Muslims believe cleanses and blesses their wealth.

“The pandemic has brought all the communities closer. Muslims have donated oxygen cylinders to us during Eid. While the Loha Vyapar Mandal has donated several cylinders, the Lucknow Jewellers’ Association has donated ration kits. Sandeep Singh Anant has donated a hearse bus to the gurdwara,” said Nirmal Singh, president of Alambagh Gurdwara. He said the gurdwara in turn had donated more than 800 oxygen cylinders and 4,000 ration kits so far.

Langar, serving free food in gurudwaras, is also being used to indicate free distribution of life-saving oxygen cylinders to Covid patients. To avail the benefits, residents will have to give an application to the gurdwara with the doctor’s prescription, Covid and pathology reports, Aadhaar cards of both the patient and the attendant on WhatsApp numbers 9554822225 and 9670888333. Along with medical oxygen, the Alambagh Gurudwara management has also arranged for home delivery of food for Covid-19 infected patients.

“We have prepared kits of 10 kg wheat flour, 4 kg rice, 2 kg pulses, 2 kg ghee, 1 kg oil, spices of 4 kinds and a salt packet weighing 1 kg. We deliver kits to the needy, but they have to provide details like aadhaar card, ration card, so that we can keep a record of the beneficiaries.” “We will continue to provide oxygen to Covid patients till things normalize,” he added.

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